Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year

So it's been several months, but this time..really...I am hoping to keep up on this blog. There were many great things that happened over the holidays:
*Justin and I celebrated our 1st Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as a married couple. We started new traditions which we are excited to keep going throughout our years together and as we start a family. Justin quit smoking in November, by way of E-Cigarette and I just received mine yesterday so I am now attempting to quit! YAY! I will definately keep everyone updated on the progress!
This years resolutions include:
*Say sorry when I am in the wrong
*Begin a healthier lifestyle in many different facets (may copy my super mom of a cousin Lori and try new recipes and blog about them :-) )
*Attend Church more often, make faith more of a priority in my life
*Look for the good in others, speak only words of kindness, and walk with the confidence to know I am never alone
I have always been a "learner" just like my mother, so I am sure I will find new and interesting things about myself this year that will intrigue me and I will post about them :-)
I love you to you soon

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  1. Congratulations! You have some wonderful resolutions! And I'm excited to see how you do!! Much love to you!